Episode 45

Published on:

8th Mar 2023

#45 - The Chickens Break Their Silence

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The 45th episode of the Chicken Chess Club by GMs Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen.

0:00 Intro & smalltalk

03:57 European Championship (mostly the chicken's successes from the distant past)

15:19 Magnus Carlsen's final classical games as World Champion & discussion of Ding vs Nepo

38:29 PRO Chess League update

40:47 Kramnik "breaks his silence"

55:01 Chess joins the Olympics!

59:08 Alejandro Ramirez update

01:17:11 Peter's Correspondence update

01:23:33 New motto!

01:24:39 Patreon suggestion & questions

01:33:30 1 minute Dutch recap

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The Chicken Chess Club
Grandmasters Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen discuss ongoings in the chess world. The trio works for World Champion Magnus Carlsen & have the inside track on the psychology & politics of elite chess.



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