Episode 44

Published on:

2nd Mar 2023

#44 - Tell us your Tinder elo??

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The 44th episode of the Chicken Chess Club by GMs Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen.

0:00 Intro and smalltalk

09:53 WR Masters recap (starting with bughouse for some reason)

36:55 Baadur Jobava response to chess.com

42:32 Alejandro update (kind of)

45:20 Carlsen/Niemann update (kind of)

47:18 PRO Chess League (Laurent wasn't paid to follow this week)

48:26 Tinder uses the elo system

54:59 Russia moves to Asia

1:04:47 Attempted correspondence update

1:08:24 Five(ish) Minutes of FIDE

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Grandmasters Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen discuss ongoings in the chess world. The trio works for World Champion Magnus Carlsen & have the inside track on the psychology & politics of elite chess.



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