Episode 4

Published on:

11th May 2022

#4 Olympiad news, Grand Chess Tour & pranks at the training camp

The fourth-EVER episode of the Chicken Chess Club by GMs Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen.


This week we have exciting news - at least 2 of our chickens will be going to the chess Olympiad in India!

They move on to discussing the Grand Chess Tour, Alireza Firouzja's return and Wesley So's impressive form. Hans Niemann's performance at the Sigeman tournament is also discussed.

The Olympiad will be a frequent topic but what goals do we have?

FIDE has introduced tiebreaks to the FIDE Candidates tournament (go FIDE!).

We have an exciting twist this week as Peter explains what's going RIGHT with FIDE.

Tales from the training camp features Sam Shankland & a prank on Jon-Ludwig Hammer - what more could you possibly ask for?

We end with our Chickens of the Week, one of which may not shock you.

00:00 Intro & bundestrainer/Olympiad news

11:34 Grand Chess Tour Romania

22:08 Sigeman

27:32 Back to Olympiad

33:25 Candidates tiebreaks

37:20 What's wrong with FIDE this week, Peter?

51:43 Tales from the training camps

57:42 Chickens of the week

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