Episode 2

Published on:

27th Apr 2022

#2 - Carlsen's 1. f3, Praggnanandhaa's rise, FIDE politics, tales from the training camps & Chicken of the Week

The second-EVER episode of the Chicken Chess Club by GMs Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet & Peter Heine Nielsen.


First this week, they cover the Champions Chess Tour in Oslo - Magnus Carlsen's 1. f3, Giri vs Magnus & Praggnanandhaa's strong start.

They move on to discussing whether Magnus will defend his World Championship title.

Fabiano Caruana, Sam Shankland & others are playing in the American Cup - who is following it most closely? Does talent exist?

Our incredibly popular FIDE/politics segment continues. The new chess.com World Championship, Nigel Short, Alexandra Kosteniuk's statement, Arkady Dvorkovich, and Joel Lautier are the topics this week.

Tales from the Training Camps is Jan's big new idea - a fascinating deep dive into the intricacies of whether a French restaurant really is a French restaurant. Laurent is unimpressed.

Finally, we end with our Chicken of the week. You'll never guess TWO of them!

0:00 Intro & small talk

02:55 CCT

19:08 Magnus & the next WC match

26:33 The American Cup & talent in chess

35:58 FIDE & chess politics

51:42 Tales from the training camps

01:01:39 Chickens of the week

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